About The Celebration Cake

Our Story

About Celebration.. Take a bite of any "celebration' product and you too would fall in love; with the food and the Baker as well. This is no ordinary baker, New Delhi would vouch for that. After all, Mayank Sharma the man behind "Celebration" is the one who gave his love story the form of cakes, breads, biscuits and many other amazing savoury delights. He is the one whose love story gives Goosebumps to the taste buds of every food-lover. The Best Cafe and Bakery of India and London, has baked its success story, from the outset, to perfection. So now, when it comes to food; North India does not just eat it... It relishes, savours and enjoys; all thanks to "Celebration"!

Mayank Sharma, London and India based Chef cum Entrepreneur, is now seen in the league of India's Top Chefs and has built incredible goodwill for being the unrivalled 'Dessert King' of the North with his immaculate preparations that have been ruling the hearts and bellies of food connoisseurs since 2015

Vission & Mission

Our Vission

To enhance our market presence by opening celebration in all big capital cities of India and other major countries around the globe and thus to ensure a significant winning and global business and brand presence by providing high quality international products and achieving a lead in Food and Beverages Industry.

Our Mission

To strive hard to achieve and reach the vision of ours through commitment, creativity, dedication, continuous self- improvement and team work.

To provide high quality brand products that gains the trust of our clientele and consumers.

To reach every home and corporate through our innovative and customized product range, deals and catering and corporate services and provide value for money to all our esteemed clients.

To make every occasion extra special for you and your loved ones by taking care of those special needs and offering a wide range of Gift Hampers, Cakes, Cookies, Belgian Chocolates, etc.

To enhance customers experience, customer loyalty and satisfaction by bridging a strong connection and meeting their expectations.